Your home is your Castle. Do You want to feel like a King in your own home? Installing air-conditioning today has only advantages ...

It allows you to have a total control of the temperature in your home. It contributes to a healthy environment for you and your family by filtering the air you breath from dust and other particles and by keeping the air dry preventing bacteria and virus growth. It's quiet, thanks to the latest technologies, most systems have a minimal noise level and have inverter drives (meaning you only pay for the energy you use). It’s stylish. Most units are now tasteful, lightweight and compact. It adds value to your property when you are renting or selling. It’s obtainable to the reduced vat rate of 5.5% for homeowners

Are you thinking of installing air-conditioning in your home? Have you been thinking of it for a while but don’t know where to start? Contact us! Talk to us about your project! Depending on your needs and wants we will evaluate the best solutions for your Home Sweet Home. There are various possibilities, and each installation is personalised according to your needs and requirements as well as the structure of your property. The popular mono-split and multi-split systems, for example, are very efficient, easy to install and maintain and can be reversible.