Who is James'Clim :

James Devlin, Managing Director of JAMES’CLIM, is a perfectionist.

With his 15 years experience in air-conditioning (of which 13 were in England, oh yes James is English!), James is used to work on sites whether they’re big or small. Some of the clients he has worked with in England include: Millennium Dome, Associated Press, GlaxoSmithKline, Goldman Sachs, Hilton Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotels, Mac Donald’s, Fullers pubs, Starbucks Coffee, Borders bookshops and many more.

Then James moved to France in 2009, and he has since worked with famous brands such as Lalique, Dôme, Maty, Du Pareil au Même, Office Depot and Yves Rocher...

Using his wealth of knowledge and expertise, James decided to create James’Clim, to offer to his customers’ high quality work and an exceptional service.